Peter Knoll

This was a very good experience, very professional, with the Hepe Design team producing good quality work and keeping to the task and program.

Erşah Aksa

They took care of the design of all office environments and digital projects to give true results. They developed new ideas to create a more spacious, bright workspaces. To the Hepe Design family; thanks a lot for their modern approach to meeting our needs correctly.

Ayşe Sümer


Bart Kitner

“It was a pleasure working with Hayriye Pınar and Hepe Design. She has great ideas and did an excellent job on my flat project. I would recommend her without hesitation!”

Ergun Bilge


Resul Gül

We met Hayriye Pınar, the founder and owner of "Hepe Design" in 2009. Even after 10 years, we're still working with her. This is because she and her team are very successful, cheerful, standing behind their works. I thank her very much for all her wonderful work and contribution to us.

Nermin Çubuklu

"Hepe Design" managed a highly professional business process. They make a hit with unlimited patience during the design process. They followed up and fix all the setbacks. They fulfilled all of their promises. Congratulations.